Päivää Tuntia Minuuttia Sekuntia

Accommodation and meals

Accommodation will be provided in schools and hotels. The price for 3 nights in school accommodation is 40€, including breakfast.

VisitTurku is responsible for hotel sales. Hotels are almost fully booked, but some rooms are still available. Please contact bjorn.widenius@turku.fi to book rooms for your group.

You can also purchase meals. There are two packages you can choose from.

Package for 4 meals (lunch Thursday to Sunday)

- Adults and youth                              28€
- Children (under 7 years)                 20€

Package for 6 meals (lunch Thursday to Sunday plus dinner Friday and Saturday)

- Adults and youth                              42€
- Children (under 7 years)                  30€

Instructions for accommodation at a school

We wish to provide a safe and pleasant school accommodation for everyone so we ask you to pay attention to the following safety instructions:


- Only those who hold a participant card and have the accommodation school mentioned in it are permitted to enter this particular school. Please note that visiting at the schools is not possible.

- Entry to the schools happen only via marked main entrance. Using other entrances is forbidden.

- The supervisor of the group is responsible for their own group. Every classroom will have a marked responsible person in the beginning of the accommodation. This person is responsible of the order and cleanliness of the room.

- The school is meant for relaxation, sleeping and dining. Partying and cooking in the classrooms is forbidden.

- For security reasons using electronic devices in the classrooms is forbidden (e.g electric kettle and coffeemaker). Charging of a mobile device is allowed. Unplugging schools' property is however forbidden. Free plugs are allowed to be used.

- The accommodation schools are free of all intoxicants. The supervisor of the school has the right to forbid an intoxicated person to enter the school.

- The silence at the schools is between 11pm and 6.30am.

- The classroom door can be locked only when there is no one inside. The supervisors of the school hold the keys to the classrooms. These supervisors should have access to the rooms at all times.

- The furniture of the classrooms are placed ready for the people accommodating in it. Moving the furniture to the hallways is forbidden. The furniture can not prevent passage nor can they be piled up in front of the windows.

- The classrooms are checked before and after the accommodation. The people accommodating are responsible for the possible damage.

- The people accommodating are responsible for their own property at the school.

- For security reasons one mattress can not be more than 80cm wide, even though there was more than one person sleeping on it.

- The supervisors of the school are responsible of the safety and comfort at the school. The people accommodating at the school should follow the instructions of the supervisors.