Päivää Tuntia Minuuttia Sekuntia


Suomi Gymnaestrada offers multiple choices for performances. You can show your skills at a city stage or apply for a gala performance. If there is a larger group coming, you can also apply for a group performance.

Group Performances

On Friday and Saturday there is a possibility to have your own group performance at the Marli Areena Ice Hall. As seen in World Gymnaestrada, a group performance is a 10 or 15 minutes ensemble of non-stop performances. The performance area size is about 20 x 40 metres.

City Performances

City performances are open for all participants in every gymnastics discipline. More information about city performances coming soon.

Gala Performances

The gala performances are held on Friday and Saturday. On Friday there are two performances at the main stage of Turku city Theatre. On Saturday the gala performance is held at Marli Areena Ice Hall as well as on a city stage.

Large Group Performances

The Large Group Performances are seen on Sunday at the closing ceremony in Veritas Stadion. The performance moves over 5 000 gymnasts from all over Finland.

Competitions "Voimistelupäivät" and "Lumo"

Voimistelupäivät is a yearly competition gathering all the competitive disciplines (acrobatic gymnastics, men's and women's artistic gymnastics, trampoline gymnastics, rhytmic gymnastics, aesthetic group gymnastics, aerobic gymnastics and team gym) under the same roof to compete, perform and cheer each other. The age range of the participants varies a lot: there are gymnasts from small children in the beginning of their career to the more aged participants with years of experience.

Lumo is a cheerful and energetic event where you can see a vast diversity of gymnastics and dance and where the joy of performing is experienced together. Lumo is for every girl and woman, boy and man in all age categories – and in all gymnastics disciplines. In Lumo events there are competing categories in dance and Gym for Life.


If you have a performing or competing group and are interested in participating in any of the above mentioned, please do not hesitate to contact paivi.tamminen@voimistelu.fi.


Other program

Along with performing by yourself, there is a lot of things to do. The event starts with opening parade through the city of Turku on Thursday. Alongside with performances and competitions we will also have workshops, open gymnastics try outs and activities as well as some evening entertainment, of course.